Dominate me

woman cuffed receiving oral sex

Your flesh will I dominate

As your will I eviscerate

Come darling, enter this Mistresses abase

Agonizing pleasure…do you dare to taste?

Lick your intentions along my shoes heel

As I grind it in your chest, how does it feel?

Oh so supple, your need so easily bent

From heaven or hell…which am I sent?

Your wants from your grasp I begin to wrest

My hands around your throat so firmly pressed

Beg for me…gasp out a plea

As I straddle you on banded knee

Watching you twitch in the claws of this Katt

Feeding from the pain, as your body is wracked

Such a pretty thing, so lovely indeed

Time darling, for you to sate my need

Good boy you are, taking discipline in stride

Taste me now, start along my thigh

With your tongue your repentance starts anew

Your debt will be well payed, before this night is through

Reborn from the decadence of my cream

Becoming again anew, lust within you teems

Sanctification spills into your throat

Swallow darling, try not to choke…


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