Eat me full, baby

Oral sex for women - man eating pussy art

Swim your lips in my pussy’s love pool.
Spread my legs and keep them wide…
Let your tongue surf on my juices’ tide.
Go all the way in, don’t be afraid…
You’ll later use your dick as a cutting blade…
Listen to my moans, they make love to your ears…
Let all the tension build so strongly between my gears…
A little fast and then a little slow…
Allow my body language to tell you how to go.
Make me move my hips, make me arch my back.
And let my lovely pussy have her own heart-attack.

by KloeesSecrets
Erotic art Samarel

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You fill my body with desire.


You fill my body with desire.

Like a golden flame, an electric wire.
Your touch, your feel, your scent
Your dick when it’s hard- slightly bent…
Your balls and shaft I love to lick
Then you go from soft to stiff…hard as a brick.
How you push down my head to take it all in…
How my body aches for more…to feel you deep within…
My bite marks on your shoulder, my scratches on your back…
I love to savor you…on you I’ll always snack…
Pure pleasure with a slight twist of pain…
You’re built inside my mouth as I beg you to rain…
I’ll engulf your cum and let it down my throat.
Then Ill light up a cigarette as I begin to gloat.

by KloeesSecrets
Erotic art Samarel

As You bind me to your will

dominnat man and submissive woman fucking dogie style bdsm art.

I kneel before you

Trembling as your hand caresses my face
My cheeks bloom scarlet from your touch
Your hand wraps in my hair, pulling it backward gently
“Yes, you will make a very good girl.”
Your hands encircle my throat
Ever so strongly
Small gasps escape my lips
As cream awakens between my thighs
My breasts rise and fall as I struggle
To breath
You pull harshly on my nipple causing it to
Rise at your command
My heartbeat races, threatening to burst from my chest in
You begin to wind the ropes around me
A corset of cotton
Snaking it’s tendrils around my neck
Sliding into the wet heat of my pussy
I sway gently
As You bind me to your will.

erotic writing – lady kat | erotic art – smarel

Your hardness, is my command

Your hardness an unspoken invitation for my tongue and mouth
Crawling ever closer, wicked streaks of excitement thrilling my body
Inhaling deeply and taking in the unmistakable scent of your lust
A lick of the satiny smooth head ignites my craving to feed from you.

man with erected cock

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