Sweetest of torment

Couple in the heat of making love - erotic image for canvas print

Golden passion

Sweetest of torment
Lost in the moment
Reveling in your gift of pleasure
The gift of your mouth a treasure

Sweet juices as they flow
Intimacy that we know
Share the tastes so sweet
Allow our mouth and tongue to meet

Revel in the moment in time
When bodies explored produce feelings sublime
I give to you, you give to me
Igniting and setting our passions free

Be my slave
Giving me the release that I crave
Feeling the pressure from deep within
Your touch a fire on my skin

Breathing that has begun to quicken
Milky juices as they thicken
The moan that escapes my lips
The final thrust from my hips

I need so much more
I crave the explosions erupting from my core
You must take me higher
Come on, baby, put out this fire

Slide your sweet meat through the slippery wet
Grab my hips and get deeper yet
Hard and fast you thrust
My eyes roll back from the purest of lust

The core in me ready to explode
You ready to release your load
You fill me, your juices released
I, finally, sated and pleased

My fingers scooping the juices that flow
Greedily sucking the taste that I know
My body relaxes and inhales the smell
The senses filled and in slumber, the dreams they will tell
Poetry by GreenEyes | Erotic image by Samarel

Living the erotic art dream – on a daily basis

Samarel with female fans at the erotic art exhibition "The Dirty Show" in Detroit 2006

Erotic artist Samarel

When I established my erotic art website in 2002 I had one clear goal.
Since I failed marketing my erotica in the ‘real world’, I decided to…
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Female orgasm


Dear Deni,
My problem is that whatever I do and whatever my boyfriend does I can’t cum! If I’m by myself its no problem to cum if I want to, it happens three or four times. But when I’m with him it doesn’t….Read more>>

My turn

Man licking pussy from behind woman, erotic art print on canvas by Samarel

Licking you so deep

Your pleasure is a source of delight and joy for me, but tonight it is My Turn.

It’s late and we are on our way home from an evening out with friends. We had dinner and conversation but I was not interested, I wanted you all for myself. As you drive home, I slide my hand over your thigh just gently resting it there for a moment. You look and me and smile and tell me to be patient, we will be there soon. There?, I think to myself, aren’t we going home? Mmmmmmmm, what do you have in mind for me?

We take an unfamiliar turn and we are driving up a long driveway. As we approach, I see the Inn we always talked about wanting to try. Oh, what a nice surprise. You check us in and we walk up to our room on the second floor. Before you open the door you reach into your pocket for a blindfold to place over my eyes…..now I am excited! You guide me to sit on the edge of the bed. My senses are already heightened. I can smell the flowers, hear you strike the match and feel the warmth of the candle you just lit. You slowly reach for my lips with your finger and trace them with the edge of your thumb. You give me a gentle kiss, you taste good! As you undress me my excitement increases, I can feel the wetness start. You have me lay down on the bed while you undress so you can look at me. You lay next to me and I try and reach for you, but you push me away, grab my hands and tell me to stop. OK….OK…. tonight you are in control!

As you run your hands up and over my breasts my nipples get hard and are aching for your touch. You pinch my nipple with one hand and your other hand finds its way between my legs. You gently caress me, oh that does feel good….to good………oh no……and I shudder as I cum! “Good” you say…..there is the first one.

Next you spread my legs wide open and make me bend at the knees, “I want to take a look” you say. “What do you see” I ask, “Describe it to me”. “I see your wetness dripping and your clit is now hiding a bit from me” and with that I feel your tongue….sliding up underneath the hood of my clit flicking it up and down. My hips rise trying get you to go deeper. You reach inside of me with your fingers and press upwards as your tongue plays with my clit. Oh that feeling ……. yes……….don’t stop………keep going………..oh that feels so good…. I am so wet, I am going to cum again and this time I moan loudly calling out your name. I can’t catch my breath….that was incredible. You take the blindfold off me now to show me your face. You smile and lick your lips. I know you love the taste of me.

My eyes cannot help but see that hard cock of yours standing straight up. “May I?” I ask, and you tell me “No, you may not” and you grip your cock and begin to stroke it, making me watch you. “Get up” you tell me “And bend over the foot board of the bed, I want to see your ass in the air!” I do as I am told and with my ass in the air you slide your cock into me. You show no mercy and pound my ass hard. I love it hard like that. I love the sound it makes as your hips slap against my ass. You grab me and pull me toward you as you push harder into me….yes….I do like to be fucked that way. You reach around and find my clit and rub it as you thrust your hard cock into me as deep as you can. I can feel every inch of you inside me. You ask………..”Do you want it harder”…….and I tell you “yes” “Fuck me fast and hard”! With that remark you speed up and I push back toward you with every thrust as you continue to pound me. I scream “Oh yes, you are going to make me cum again, harder, harder, faster, don’t stop, oh yes…… my legs tremble as I cum. I feel your cock explode and you grunt and moan with pleasure as your cock contracts with each spurt of your cum. It feels so good to have you cum inside of me. I truly love that.

I crawl into bed exhausted, smile and think to myself ………… My Turn………yes……..My Turn.

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