I watch

man eating pussy erotic art image

Eat my pussy

I watch….


I watch my pouting nether lips.


I hold the mirror as my body melts into my downy pillows.

I watch.

I watch the quick flick of my clit
I watch the deepening color change of my hungry pearl from pink to red.

the gentle vibration rocks my right hand
my left hand struggles to maintain a clear reflection

I watch.

I watch as my pussy moistens and lubricates.
I watch as my muscles tighten and clinch.

I watch.

I watch as my sugar walls begin the prelude of the orgasmic dance.

My breath quickens and
my gaze wanders.

I bury my head to take in the moment.
My body shudders.
My attention diverted.

I watch.
by The Naked Nurse.

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Not a bed idea – bed fucking

Couple in bed making love erotic art

Take Me

Soft lips part


Sweet desire

Flame smoldering


Quick little breaths


Taste of you


Melding together

As if intended

Two pieces

Of a puzzle

Complementary, necessary

Feeding at love’s buffet

Sinful gluttony

Desire builds



Sweet Novocain

Numb the pain.

Erotic art and sex poetry

Memories of lesbian girl

Lesbian girls in 69 oral sex love making. Art on canvas.

Lesbian girls in a 69

I remember, Me…

In the middle of the bed, naked.

Hands tied to each side,

Legs sprayed open, knees up

Pussy throbbing, body shaking

Head turning, breathing heavily

Wetness sliding down my sex

Nipples hard and erect and soar

Light bite marks on the stomach


I recall, you… one me,

Sucking on my clit,

Fingers, spraying my lips open

Eyes, enjoying the view

Tongue, circling around

Licking me, fucking me

Hands slapping my wet pussy,

Head buried between my thighs

Digits penetrating me

And adding up, deep inside

In and out, trusting them in me,

Feeling of ecstasy…


Our bodies, on one another

Breasts touching, Rubbing

Skins melting into one another,

Pussies touching, Wetness mixing

Hips moving, dancing

Lips on neck, ear, month…


Waiting for you,

It’s been too long,

Missing you babe.

Wanted you to be here,

With me…now


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your tongue and lips a poisonous kiss

Giving oral sex to woman, eating pussy art - erotic art image by Samarel

Licking your pussy

You take my heart and rip it apart as I lay here in your in arms….your tongue and lips a poisonous kiss from a soul who is in disguise..I tell you not to get so close….I don’t believe you are sincere…but every time you touch me there you make it so very clear…I want you near…I love you but I hate you….you make me feel so strange deranged with anger and frustration your violent passion from within gives me so much fear…you make me do things I thought I never would …or could…you use your tongue and lips to tease me with passion and desire…you make my body explode in Ecstasy and make me feel on fire…I cum for you in fear with tears flowing down my face...you have control of my soul but these feelings I cannot embrace…I try to resist the temptation with your swollen membrane erect….but sleeping with you though I hate to love you drive me quite insane….I can’t explain or correct…are you truly the enemy of my hearts desire as this passion grows or is this love a fantasy….does it matter anyway…no one will ever know

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