Sama Sutra Art and Poetry

Couple sitting naked in bed from the Sama Sutra love book

Sama Sutra Sexual Art Positions eBook

“Talk to me
While we are loving
Think about what we say
Not what we’re doing”

His eyes look into mine
As we discuss where to dine
His face shows strain
But he says he fine

I smile and kiss him
When his face starts to cloud
When the minute hand moves
I count out loud

“Tell me a story?”
I suggest to help out
His eyes focus again
Then starts a story to spin

He tries his story to finish
But I see his will diminish
His face looks so tense
As his member gets dense

I clench my bunny
I feel him buck
I move a bit
He gasps for luck

I groan as I stare
I still try to bear
My need for release
Our time to increase

He groans “Can’t do no more”
As his shaft jams my bore
He explodes in my core
I think he swore.

Poetry and erotic art from the Sama Sutra love guide
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Female orgasm


Dear Deni,
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Approaching you on all fours

Man behind woman, fucking her deep and couping her brests

Couple of lust

Approaching you on all fours,
sensuously swaying my hips.
Catlike slinking my way to you,
breasts dangling and jiggling.
My tongue wetting my lips,
preparing them for your cock.

Settling between your legs,
my arms parting them wider.
Licking up your inner thighs,
seeing goose bumps surface.
Warm hands reaching up,
fondling your heavy sac.

Your prick is lengthening,
twitching with impatience.
Wasting no time, taking you,
swallowing your cock head.
Ravenously sucking in more,
my tongue stroking wickedly.

Hands grabbing my head,
exercising your control of me.
Pumping your dick in and out,
gagging me with deep thrusts.
Drool seeping from lip corners,
mingling with your blasts of cum.

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Let me take you to the edge of ecstasy


Lover of mine, take in the sight of me
watch as my breasts encompass your cock
see my nipples tighten and grow rigid.

Allow me to squeeze my breasts together
smothering your prick in swells of softness
pressing my flesh around your pulsating flesh.

Oh, the joyous wonder of your hardness
sliding back and forth between my cleavage
the friction adding to our mutual arousal.

Let me take you to the edge of ecstasy
holding you there until you lose control
splash my face and chest with your wet bliss.

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Dominate me

woman cuffed receiving oral sex

Your flesh will I dominate

As your will I eviscerate

Come darling, enter this Mistresses abase

Agonizing pleasure…do you dare to taste?

Lick your intentions along my shoes heel

As I grind it in your chest, how does it feel?

Oh so supple, your need so easily bent

From heaven or hell…which am I sent?

Your wants from your grasp I begin to wrest

My hands around your throat so firmly pressed

Beg for me…gasp out a plea

As I straddle you on banded knee

Watching you twitch in the claws of this Katt

Feeding from the pain, as your body is wracked

Such a pretty thing, so lovely indeed

Time darling, for you to sate my need

Good boy you are, taking discipline in stride

Taste me now, start along my thigh

With your tongue your repentance starts anew

Your debt will be well payed, before this night is through

Reborn from the decadence of my cream

Becoming again anew, lust within you teems

Sanctification spills into your throat

Swallow darling, try not to choke…


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Etch your poetry on my flesh

Couple making love in bed
Dig deeper, ink bleed into my soul
pen the words of love
on me

Carve your name deeply
in the curve of my back

draw on me
scribe your deepest thoughts
on my inner thigh

I am your canvas
paint me with words
passion so moist from your lips
drip like slow raindrops
upon my hips

Softly trace words on my breasts
blowing like candles
for the ink to dry
you begin to caress

Back arched, head back
mouth open
reaching out to pull you closer
longing for your touch
breathing harder

Make love to me
I’m covered with your words
your darkest secrets
wildest dreams
I’m yours
you have marked me
you own me

Lips kissing my wetness
you created
hours of
making love to my skin
with your fingers,
paints and penned
your desires on me

Take me … lay me down
read out loud to me
as I moan with pleasure

Thrusting deeper
eyes on me, never closed
I bite your lip
tasting a bit of blood
having left my mark
you enjoy

Take me from behind
clawing the top of my back
slowly down to my hips
you grab
gently gliding inside of me
hurt so good baby
tracing your name you carved
into me
I let go and release
pure desire, ecstasy ~

by Undying love for poetry | Samarel erotic art