Surprising master | Bdsm adult fantasy

Surprising master | Bdsm adult fantasy

Surprising Master | by ‘HIS’

He has just come home from work. She heard his car pull into the drive and her heart leaps into her throat. She’s so nervous she is shaking. She wanted to surprise Him, and they had talked about this before but she still wasn’t sure. He should be to the door now, He will be mad that I am not kneeling in wait for Him as usual, she thinks to herself. He unlocks the door and steps inside. The house is dead quiet and His pet isn’t waiting for Him. He is already planning her punishment for this, mentally scanning through His selection of whips, crops, paddles, etc. He strolls through the house, looking for any sign of her. He stops in the hallway, noticing that the door to the playroom is open. A smile spreads across His face as He starts down the hall. He imagines her, layed out for Him, waiting to be restrained and used. He reaches the door and pushes it open, His eyes doing a quick scan of the room. She is not there. The table that usually sits beside the bed has been moved. It is in the middle of the room with one lit candle and a box with a note ontop. He steps forward, picks up the note and begins to read.

“Master, please do not be mad Sir. I only wish to please you. In our time together I have given my submission, my body, my mind, and my soul in every way. My hope is that I can also give you my dominance over you Sir, to give you immense pleasure through pain and service as you always have to me. Yours, in all ways and always. me”

He opens the box and pulls out the blindfold. He closes His eyes and takes a deep breath, feeling the softness of the fabric in His hands. He lays it on the table for a moment and slowly strips out of His clothes, folding each item and carefully stacking them in a chair in the corner. Then, standing by the table again, He raises the blindfold to His eyes and ties it tightly in place. He kneels on the floor, His heart racing in His chest. She walks into the room. She had been waiting, watching Him from the tv in their bedroom that is connected to the cameras, nervously hoping for this. She approaches Him slowly and lightly strokes her fingers across His back and shoulders before moving to attach the leather cuffs to His wrists and ankles. She tells Him to stand and raise His arms and attachs the wrist cuffs to chains that are hanging from the ceiling. She pushes His feet apart and attaches the ankle cuffs to D rings in the floor. Last is a collar that she lovingly places around His neck and attaches to a third chain from the ceiling. He is standing spread eagle the chains barely give Him any room to move. The chain attached to His collar keeps Him from letting His head drop forward. She moves a free standing full length mirror in front of Him so that he can watch everything she does to him. She stands there looking at Him for a moment before giving Him a long slow kiss, her tongue moving against His as she reaches up to remove the blindfold. It takes His eyes a minute to adjust. He can see Himself in the mirror and her standing beside it. She is dressed in a lace corset with garters, stockings and heels. She moves to stand behind Him, her breasts pressed against His back. He watches in the mirror as her hands stroke His chest, moving down His stomach and to the top of His thighs. She strokes up and down the front of His thighs, her breasts moving against His back. Very lightly she begins to stroke His cock with the tips of her fingers. She brings one hand up and slips her fingers into His mouth getting them wet before stroking His cock again.

She pulls her hands away, and kneels behind Him running her hands down His back and over His ass. She massages His ass and the backs of His thighs. Then slowly, she pulls His ass cheeks apart and runs the tip of her tongue over His asshole. Just as slowly she begins pushing the tip of one finger into Him as her other hand slides up the inside of His thigh and begins to stroke His cock. As her finger strokes in and out of His ass and her hand massages up and down the length of His cock, she moves between His legs to kneel in front of Him. She takes one of His balls into her mouth sucking it for a moment before moving to the other one. The finger pushing in and out of His ass is slow and steady. Her hand is still stroking His dick at the same lazy pace as she teases His balls and the inside of His thighs with her tongue. Finally her mouth moves up and she starts licking the length of His dick. She runs tongue around the tip before taking the head into her mouth for a long slow suck before pulling away from Him completely. She moves into the shadows behind him for a moment, reemerging beside Him with a whip in one had and a cat-o-nine in the other.

She lays the catonine on the floor in front of Him and steps behind Him with the whip in hand. She stands for a minute before raising her hand for the first strike.She draws her hand back and bring the whip across His ass hard. She pulls back again whipping Him a second time almost immediately. Each strike causes a red welt across His ass. After ten strikes she lets the whip move lower to hit the back of His thighs. Seeing the criss-cross marks from the whip has her so wet she can feel the moisture on the lips of her pussy and the inside of her thighs. After ten lashes to His thighs she stops. Kneeling behind Him she slowly licks each welt. Then she begins massaging His ass again as she continues licking. Just as before she pulls His ass cheeks apart to tease His asshole with her tongue and pushing a finger into Him again. She moves again to kneel in front of Him and looks up to watch His face as her finger moves in and out before leaning in to take just His head into her mouth. She sucks hard taking the full length of His cock, His head pushing into her throat. After just a minute of sucking she pulls away. Moving back into the shadows behind Him for a minute, she comes back to sit a few feet in front of Him with a dildo in hand. She spreads her legs wide, bending her knees and begins sliding the dildo in and out of her pussy. All he can do is watch as she slowly fucks herself, her eyes never leaving His. She can feel her orgasm getting close so she stops. She raises the rubber toy to her mouth and licks it clean before standing to kiss Him, letting him taste her juices on her mouth. She breaks the kiss and steps away, picking up the cat-o-nine.

She moves behind Him again and begins whipping Him hard with the cat-o-nine. Ten more strokes to His ass and ten more to the backs of His thighs. By now she can feel her juices running down the inside of her thighs as she kneels to lick His welts again. Her hands massaging His ass, He thinks she is going to tease Him more with her mouth but she doesn’t. She moves to sit in front of Him again and picks up the dildo. Instead of pushing it into her pussy she leans back and slowly pushes it into his ass. She slowly thrusts it in and out as her other hand plays with her soaking wet pussy pushing three fingers inside. She plays for a few minutes, again stopping before she cums. She pulls the dildo from her ass letting it drop to the floor and stands, stepping in front of him, she raises her hand to let Him lick her fingers clean. She steps behind Him and picks up both the whip and the cat-o-nine and moves in front of him again.

She lays the catonine on the floor raises the whip bringing it down hard on His cock. She whips Him slowly, watching His muscles tighten with each lash. Fifteen strokes to His dick before putting the whip down. She kneels before Him and licks the length of His cock, feeling the added heat in His skin from her whip. She stops before He can get too close to cumming and sits in floor before Him again. Ignoring her toy, she begins fingering her cunt with three fingers, spreading them inside herself, feeling her muscles begin to stretch. Soon she is able to work in a fourth finger and slowly circles her clit with her thumb. When she stops this time her legs are shaking and her breathing is short almost panting. Once she is able to stand again she moves to Him, letting Him clean her fingers again. Then she steps back for a moment and looks at him. He has been restrained for over an hour, His muscles taut and straining under His skin which is slick with sweat. Slowly she releases Him from His bonds, stopping to massage each muscle. She removes the chain from His collar last and attaches a leash to it, leading Him toward the bed. She tells Him to lay on His back and stretch His arms and legs out so that He is spread eagle. There are chains at the corners of the bed but she chooses not to use them. Her eyes meet His for a moment and she tells him if He moves without her permission she will not let Him cum. She begins to whip Him with the cat-o-nine, focusing mainly on His cock though some of the tails from the cat strike His lower stomach and thighs. She whips Him harder and faster, His moans urging her on, until she can no longer lift her arm. She lets the cat-o-nine drop to the floor and leans forward to lick the welts she has caused. She sucks His dick into her mouth, His head pushing into her throat and she can feel how close His orgasm is. Pulling her mouth from His throbbing erection she kisses her way up His body, straddling His hips and letting her pussy rest against the head of His cock. Her mouth finds His and they kiss, her tongue pushing into His mouth as her pussy slides down over His dick. She rides Him hard, sitting up on her knees, and pulls His hands to her breasts. He pinches and pulls her nipples hard, making her cry out as the tingling pain mixes with the pleasure pushing her closer to her climax. He drops one hand down to stroke her clit and she cums hard, the muscles of her pussy clamping down around His cock. He crys out as His orgasm joins her, His cum filling her. She collapses on His chest and His arms wrap around her, stroking her back.

“Thank you, pet.” is the last thing she hears as she drifts off to sleep.

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