Swallow All Of You


Swallow All Of You

I would love to swallow you….all of you. The feeling of you in my mouth is what I want. To feel that smooth cock sliding over my tongue as I flick it back and forth on your cock head is what I desire to do. It makes me wet and my clit grows with each lick I take of you. I don’t think you really know what this does to me until you reach for me and find me wet with desire. I use my spit to make your beautiful cock slippery until you give me some of that sweet pre-cum. With your balls in my hand and your sweet cock in my mouth I take you to the edge. I reach down and take some of my wetness and massage it into your cock and watch you grow even more. You want to cum….need to cum….but you hold it back for me because you desire to please me. As my clit grows my body shudders with the anticipation of your cum. As I suck you again I can feel your cock grow in my mouth as I run my tongue over the tip and under the rim of your cock head…..you taste so sweet.

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Exploding together

Deep fucking couple erotic art image

An exquisite kiss, our lips joining in raw passion
Breathing the air of lust into one another’s lungs
The firm grip of your hand holding me in place
Masculine fingers biting into my smooth flesh
Your cock driving deeply into my aching pussy
Pulling back, pausing with the knob barely inside
Then violently slamming it forward and grinding
Milking your thickness with strong inner muscles
Nostrils flaring, sweat beads forming on our bodies
Jutting my feminine hips to meet your savage thrusts
Exploding together in loud and shattering climaxes.
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Dominate me

woman cuffed receiving oral sex

Your flesh will I dominate

As your will I eviscerate

Come darling, enter this Mistresses abase

Agonizing pleasure…do you dare to taste?

Lick your intentions along my shoes heel

As I grind it in your chest, how does it feel?

Oh so supple, your need so easily bent

From heaven or hell…which am I sent?

Your wants from your grasp I begin to wrest

My hands around your throat so firmly pressed

Beg for me…gasp out a plea

As I straddle you on banded knee

Watching you twitch in the claws of this Katt

Feeding from the pain, as your body is wracked

Such a pretty thing, so lovely indeed

Time darling, for you to sate my need

Good boy you are, taking discipline in stride

Taste me now, start along my thigh

With your tongue your repentance starts anew

Your debt will be well payed, before this night is through

Reborn from the decadence of my cream

Becoming again anew, lust within you teems

Sanctification spills into your throat

Swallow darling, try not to choke…


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I want to take you all in

woman giving oral sex. art of blowjob

Come to me,
Lay with me,
I want to take you all in,
Steal your air,
Smell your skin,
Tempt in silent darkness,
Skim the rims
Of my cavern,
Detect for what I protect,
As you dare to explore for
And if you wish for entry,
It will be granted,
I resist no more,
The locks to my door grow weak.

Erotic poetry by fallen angel | sexy art by Samarel

Wanna go on a blind date (with my cock?)


Forbidden deed
by Taiya

wicked temptation
to want without heed
your furious pumping
filling with need
within molten veins
for absent me
yet i am there
to wend you through
to possess your mind
to consume you
to devour your body
submit to your lead
to your desire
forbidden deed.


Obedient Tongue

Come to me with obedient tongue
consume my licking fire and swallow the flame
you will taste what burns within me
leave me in the darkness of such deeds
to waste from wicked starvation
your weeping notes upon my flesh
as waxen drops of warm running dew
your adoring words twist my submissive soul
the candle spits and i resist
pushing against the pleasure
pulling you toward the pricking pain
your lips are perfected in soothing
within your sweet mouth i am redeemed
found to be sacred
my sin taken from my punished flesh
with lashes i feel to my bone
enter my promised valley
drink the milk and honey
worship at the altar you find
pray for your turn

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