Approaching you on all fours

Man behind woman, fucking her deep and couping her brests

Couple of lust

Approaching you on all fours,
sensuously swaying my hips.
Catlike slinking my way to you,
breasts dangling and jiggling.
My tongue wetting my lips,
preparing them for your cock.

Settling between your legs,
my arms parting them wider.
Licking up your inner thighs,
seeing goose bumps surface.
Warm hands reaching up,
fondling your heavy sac.

Your prick is lengthening,
twitching with impatience.
Wasting no time, taking you,
swallowing your cock head.
Ravenously sucking in more,
my tongue stroking wickedly.

Hands grabbing my head,
exercising your control of me.
Pumping your dick in and out,
gagging me with deep thrusts.
Drool seeping from lip corners,
mingling with your blasts of cum.

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His strong need | Femme de Scorpion

Art of blowjob, erotic image of woman sucking hard cock

Hot Blowjob

He was playful and sweet. Full of smiles and warmth. Knowing her fondness and need for kisses, he gave them. Then he disrobed. His body bared for her. Her eyes could not get enough of him. She stared, wide-eyed and lusting.
She crawled to him, craving his cock. Wanting it inside of her mouth. Grabbing her head, he pulled her to it. Fingers twisting in her hair as her mouth engulfed his hard cock. He bent forward and began to finger fuck her already wet pussy. She began rocking on his digits, swirling her hips in tight circles. She tried to focus on his wonderfully rigid and throbbing prick, but she was caught up in the growing tingling and strong contractions concentrated inside of her. She could feel how her cunt was crushing his fingers every time he slammed them up into her. She began to shake, shivers weaving their way up her spine. Her lips slid up and down his cock, tremulously clutching at it while her climax was building to a crescendo. She released him at the moment she exploded. Her insides quaking as much as she was outwardly. Unintelligible words spilled from her lips, and her eyes closed, basking in the moment.
His cock was now in strong need. Twitching and pulsing, long and rigid. She climbed onto his lap, his cock head aimed directly at her messy pussy, and she dropped down. With a loud cry, her cunt swallowed all of his prick. She rode him hard. Grinding and twisting hips lifting and lowering. Her cum-laden pussy lubricated his shaft, aiding in the smooth riding of his engorged cock. Her breath was shallow and coming in short pants as she bounced up and down. She utilized her inner muscles to squeeze and milk him.
Abruptly, he pulled her off of him, instructing her to suck his slippery cock. She squatted in between his legs, one hand cupping his balls and the other teasing her wet pussy. He pushed deep into her mouth, gagging her. Slobber trickled from the corners of her lips and she could taste her own sweet cream on his dick. She sucked and tongued him in a virtual frenzy. All the while she rode her fingers, humping them in rhythm with her oral fucking of his cock. She slurped and slithered her tongue along his swelling cock. Strong suctions stretched and further stimulated his engorged rod. Her plea for him to cum was muffled by the presence of his member in her mouth. And then he erupted. His hips lunged, and he shot his seed into her wanting mouth. She swallowed the blasts of semen. He slouched back in his seat, and her tongue tenderly cleansed his shaft and cock head.

She smiled. Exhausted, but exhilarated.

Adult fantasy by Femme de Scorpion, erotic art by Samarel.
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The Perfect Gift. Erotic fantasy

boss fucking the secretary at work

Sex at the office

The Perfect Gift
Art Samarel | Story Femme de Scorpion

Feeling your presence behind me, I stop working and turn
My beloved boss, you remembered it is Secretary’s Day
Bearing a gift for me, gaily wrapped and impossible to resist
But why is there a wicked glint in your eyes?

Mmmm, my sexy man, the perfect present for me…for us.
So many possibilities with these colorful toys of pleasure
You know that I grow wet at the mere thought of using them
Do I detect signs of your own growing excitement?

Ahhhh, and here is yet another package you have for me
This one wrapped in fabric and bulging against the material
Press your lips to mine while I hold this present for a moment
Are my caresses further thrilling your body?

I need to open this very special gift you have for me
The downward tug of a zipper breaks the silence in the room
My soft, warm hand reaches inside to lift up the contents
Oooo, is this all mine for the next few hours?

This is magnificent and just what I have been wanting
I love the feel of its smooth head entering my mouth
The taste of you on my tongue as the slit drools its elixir
Care for me to continue playing with your cock?

Your insistence that I keep my eyes on yours exhilarates me
Lips stretch and twist down your throbbing dick, my tongue lashing
I hear your growl when the knob knocks at the back of my throat
Why are you breathlessly pleading for me to halt?

Ohhhh fuck…now I understand your abrupt decision to stop
Time to explore your juicy pink cunt, you ruggedly hiss
Slicing into me with your middle finger, deep plunges
Can you feel my pussy walls squeezing your digit?

A powerful thrust of the toy is met with the slick touch of your tongue
Whimpering aloud and pushing toward you, hips bucking wildly
Your teeth capture my pulsing, engorged clit and gently tug
How can I prolong this exquisite torment?

Yessss, fuck my mouth while I tend to my dripping, hot hole
Slurping your cock between my tightly clamped painted lips
The rubbery toy moving in and out, matching your hip thrusts
Am I bringing you to the edge, lover of mine?

Wrenching me around and slamming your meat into my wetness
My cervix battered with each hard ram of your stiff and swelling cock
Guttural moaning and panting coming from both of our open mouths
When will you allow me to give you my sweet cream?

Another swift maneuvering of our bodies extends my sweet agony
Clenching my slippery cunt walls and riding your luscious cock
My small breasts jiggling while you suckle the aching peaks
Are you feeling the frenzied pulls of my pussy?

Laying you back and quickly turning around, dropping down
My trembling pussy swallowing every scrumptious inch of you
Humping faster and more frantically, creaming on your dick
Do you wish to empty your full balls on my flesh?

Aftershocks rock and jerk my body time and time again
Loud rumbles raggedly erupt from your throat upon climaxing
Your pearly white jizz splashes on my delicate pale skin
Could it possibly get any better than this?

Thrust me into rapture.

Love couple, man behind woman having tough sex

The heat of your breath

The heat of your breath kisses my flesh,
searing it with its intensity.
I love the wild fury of your desire for me,
your need to claim me.
My nipples immediately tighten and ache,
aroused by the touch of your hand.
Huskily spoken words tumble into my ear,
telling me of your love.
Feeling your rigid cock pressing against me,
its head dripping wet.
Take me this way, enter me from behind,
thrust me into rapture.

Erotic image by Samarel

I don’t know why I’m so hungry for you

You don’t just turn my body on, you turn my mind on too.
How is it possible to want a person so much?
To be able to crave something…or to crave someone as such?
Our eyes haven’t even met…

But I feel like I owe you some sort of an emotional debt…
I even find myself with naked thoughts of you…
Of a connection so raw that never appeared so true…

The relationships we lived that have seemed so unfair…
Now here we are, ? deux, with the strong bond we share…

How I wish to finally feel your lips against mine
How I wish to be able to fast-forward time…
How I wish to feel your body heat…

To hear your laugh and sound of your heart beat…
But I can only enjoy the long convos and text messages…
Even though for now, it’s both our disadvantages…

Our FaceTime sessions that are never long enough…
Our long talks about the most of random stuff…
However, distance means so little and you mean so much…

So I shall hold onto the idea of your touch.
As scarred as I am, a part of me thinks it’s a myth
But despite it all, it’s you, I’ll live it with.

by KloeesSecrets
Erotic art Samarel

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You fill my body with desire.


You fill my body with desire.

Like a golden flame, an electric wire.
Your touch, your feel, your scent
Your dick when it’s hard- slightly bent…
Your balls and shaft I love to lick
Then you go from soft to stiff…hard as a brick.
How you push down my head to take it all in…
How my body aches for more…to feel you deep within…
My bite marks on your shoulder, my scratches on your back…
I love to savor you…on you I’ll always snack…
Pure pleasure with a slight twist of pain…
You’re built inside my mouth as I beg you to rain…
I’ll engulf your cum and let it down my throat.
Then Ill light up a cigarette as I begin to gloat.

by KloeesSecrets
Erotic art Samarel