How to fix a flat tire without showing any boobs.

sexy woman changing flat tire, erotic art image by Samarel

Changing tire

I did it!…changed a flat tire all by myself…read about it here:

I just want you to fuck me

fuck me while I get on top of you riding your cock

Back rider erotic art of sexual position

I am tired of this shit.
I am tired of these cravings and my lower lip bit.
I want you here and I want you now.
It’s like you and I exchanged some sort of an emotional vow.
And man…does it drive me insane…
I just want to pack my bags and get on a fucking plane.
I dream of being in your arms, of kissing your lips…
Of screaming your name as you fuck me in rhythm using your hips.
I want to wake up in the middle of the night and suck you how I please…
And see how you give yourself to me freely…with so much ease.
I want your warm tongue placed inside my mouth…
Soothing this sexual tension…this erotic sensual drought.
I don’t want to wait, I don’t want to think…
I just want you to love me, to fuck me, without a blink.

by KloeesSecrets
Erotic art Samarel

I cum for you

I cum for you

Lying on white satin sheets
Feeling the urge to explore
Wanting to be naughty
Wanting the touch of another
But I am alone in the dark
My imagination will be my lover tonight
I reach down and touch my wetness
Feeling the silky walls from the inside
it’s warm and inviting
I wish you could see it
I wish you could smell it
I would love for you to taste it
As darkness spills around me
I open my thighs and spread them wide
I begin to examine my darkest places
it’s poetry in motion
I’m covered in lust and sin
I want to feel that erotic high
Can’t wait a minute longer
I need to feel that rush
No longer in control
Hands are fast and furious
Writhing on the bed
I’m possessed by my desires
I think of you before cumming
I savor the moment
I wish you could see me
When I scream out
because when I cum
I cum for you …

Erotic poetry by Fallen Angel for Samarel art