How do you know you ARE a lesbian?

Two naked women lesbian love outdoors, erotic art image by Samarel

Lesbian nature love

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is this love?

Is this love, My sweet little one?
you wince, your muted scream of pain, as My fingers tease your limits, touch you as pleases Me. Such hard little Toys! their tenderness pleases My grasping greedy fingers.
you want to scream, in your growing arousal, in your exquisite, generous pain. your moan of need signals your ready submission to My touch. A nice round Toy stops your oral expressions of delight, the ball as perfectly round as your breasts.
Our new Toy inhibits your cry from My pleasuring ,your lust is written on your very face. Your breasts, trussed, your red mouth stopped by red, you are my Toy to titillate,…..use, …..enjoy. Hush My sweet. Is this Love we feel?
I whisper my sweet nothings. You gasp as you feel your wetness grow, gather, prepare your inner wanting for My needy pleasures.
I shall have you, My sweet, My Toy. Your nipples are my delicate destructible Toys this eve. Surely this could be Love My sweet.


Watch Me now, sweet love, as I show you My inner needs, My Toys that might fulfill My needs. See with your soft heart My growing desire, as I fantasize that it is male, powerfully deep within Me.
Does the wind of need blow in both directions for you My little innocent? Is male penetration of desire, or do you wish for only my womanly caress.
Place your hand upon My two, and feel the power that instills My rise to glorious peaks of bliss. Feel the Toy as it uses Me, even as it will soon be buried as deep within your fertility.
Feel My large Toy as I pleasure the core of My need, My desires, My hard, randy, wanton greed.
This is not love My little peach, this is but crass fantasy, of debasing sort. Come little one, let us play once again, together, communing with our bodies rising to delight.


Shall I fill your sweet wetness, now that you are mine? Shall I plunder you? Make you my common slut? Yes My friend, you are Mine to use, to fill, to empty of your paltry inhibitions. Our Toy is now implanted. Shall I breed you with spewing maleness, or simply enjoy you with My own hardness, My Own hard Toy of penetration?
Yes, sweet Toy of Mine, you may cum, full of Me, blossoming in moaning submissive need, feeling My Toy buried within your saccharine cunt. I feel your response, your spasms, your gift of ‘O’ to Me.
But sweet slut of Mine, is this Love? Will you need only My Toy within you again, at morning’s light?


Show me sweet one,
show Me sweet new friend, show your new learned talents. Show Us, Me and Him, what you have learned here. Show Him your cumming. Let him hear your moaning, your grunts of spasming delight.
Yes my sweet innocent little slut, show My Man your randy self fucking of your own cunt.
Yes little one, show My Man what you have mastered, that you are now a woman, that you can cum, that you are ready now for the next journey of Love.

By Deni, writer of adult fantasies for Samarel art