I just want you to fuck me

fuck me while I get on top of you riding your cock

Back rider erotic art of sexual position

I am tired of this shit.
I am tired of these cravings and my lower lip bit.
I want you here and I want you now.
It’s like you and I exchanged some sort of an emotional vow.
And man…does it drive me insane…
I just want to pack my bags and get on a fucking plane.
I dream of being in your arms, of kissing your lips…
Of screaming your name as you fuck me in rhythm using your hips.
I want to wake up in the middle of the night and suck you how I please…
And see how you give yourself to me freely…with so much ease.
I want your warm tongue placed inside my mouth…
Soothing this sexual tension…this erotic sensual drought.
I don’t want to wait, I don’t want to think…
I just want you to love me, to fuck me, without a blink.

by KloeesSecrets
Erotic art Samarel

Lay back Sunday ~

Couple in love position

Lay Back Sunday
by Friends and’ Lovers

Just lying here waiting for you
you’re making the coffee
there’s nothing to do
we’re having breakfast
in our king bed
there’s nowhere to be
we’ll stay here instead

These days are so few
and far between
so precious they are
after working all week
we can just relax
and fall back to sleep

When we’re lying
next each other
you touch me in places
that make me shutter

You make my toes curl
with your tongue so soft
when you swirl my pearl
deep inside my loft

We massage one another
with oils and lotions
we rock back and forth
in the waves of our oceans

It’s so delightful
just to relax and play
I look foward to brunch
each and every Sunday