Recap | Adult sex story by Femme de Scorpion

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cock craving

Recap | Femme de Scorpion | Erotic art by Samarel

He was playful and sweet. Full of smiles and warmth. Knowing her fondness and need for kisses, he gave them. Then he disrobed. His body bared for her. Her eyes could not get enough of him. She stared, wide-eyed and lusting.

She crawled to him, craving his cock. Wanting it inside of her mouth. Grabbing her head, he pulled her to it. Fingers twisting in her hair as her mouth engulfed his hard cock. He bent forward and began to fingerfuck her already wet pussy. She began rocking on his digits, swirling her hips in tight circles. She tried to focus on his wonderfully rigid and throbbing prick, but she was caught up in the growing tingling and strong contractions concentrated inside of her. She could feel how her cunt was crushing his fingers every time he slammed them up into her. She began to shake, shivers weaving their way up her spine. Her lips slid up and down his cock, tremulously clutching at it while her climax was building to a crescendo. She released him at the moment she exploded. Her insides quaking as much as she was outwardly. Unintelligible words spilled from her lips, and her eyes closed, basking in the moment.

His cock was now in strong need. Twitching and pulsing, long and rigid. She climbed onto his lap, his cockhead aimed directly at her messy pussy, and she dropped down. With a loud cry, her cunt swallowed all of his prick. She rode him hard. Grinding and twisting hips lifting and lowering. Her cum-laden pussy lubricated his shaft, aiding in the smooth riding of his engorged cock. Her breath was shallow and coming in short pants as she bounced up and down. She utilized her inner muscles to squeeze and milk him.

Abruptly, he pulled her off of him, instructing her to suck his slippery cock. She squatted in between his legs, one hand cupping his balls and the other teasing her wet pussy. He pushed deep into her mouth, gagging her. Slobber trickled from the corners of her lips and she could taste her own sweet cream on his dick. She sucked and tongued him in a virtual frenzy. All the while she rode her fingers, humping them in rhythm with her oral fucking of his cock. She slurped and slithered her tongue along his swelling cock. Strong suctions stretched and further stimulated his engorged rod. Her plea for him to cum was muffled by the presence of his member in her mouth. And then he erupted. His hips lunged, and he shot his seed into her wanting mouth. She swallowed the blasts of semen. He slouched back in his seat, and her tongue tenderly cleansed his shaft and cockhead.

She smiled. Exhausted, but exhilarated.

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Wanna go on a blind date (with my cock?)


Forbidden deed
by Taiya

wicked temptation
to want without heed
your furious pumping
filling with need
within molten veins
for absent me
yet i am there
to wend you through
to possess your mind
to consume you
to devour your body
submit to your lead
to your desire
forbidden deed.




A simple conversation on the computer.
Mundane chat about each of our days.
Familiar talk between the two of us.

Until you asked me to turn on my cam.

Take off your sheer bra, you quickly typed.
Remove those barely-there panties.
Show me all of your feminine beauty.

And I knew then I was under your spell.

Trembling fingers unfastened the clasp.
My breasts displayed for your enjoyment.
A shimmy and a tug slid off the G-string.

Now touch yourself for me, you said.


Inhaling sharply, I tried to stop shaking.
I twisted and pinched my hardened nipples.
A jolt swept straight down my torso.

Climb onto that desk and play with your pussy.

I stopped breathing at that command.
Looking into the cam, my digits began exploring.
Delving into my pink lips, spreading them.

Inside, my slut, slip your fingers inside.

I sucked in a deep breath and parted my legs.
My juices already gathered at my entrance.
One, two, and three fingers pushing deep.

For you.

~ Erotic writing by femme de scorpio, erotic image by Samarel
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Endless fuck-fantasy

you’re late coming home from work
door opens
i pull you in
kissing you
you are surprised

laughing as i
undress you right in the
dining room
big long table and i
hop up
taking off my own shirt
and then reaching for you and
unbuttoning and unzipping you
what has gotten into you baby?
you are so surprised and ask me that question

I say
nothing yet
but you will
i’ve been wanting you all day
fuck me
like thisssssssssss
I see your cock sticking straight up and needing me
to suck him thoroughly
i bend and take him into my mouth
and you move your hips upwards
fucking my lips
while my saliva coats him so good


you are still half dressed in your work clothes
and you pull your shirt over your head
You lift my chin and pull my mouth off your cock
kiss me deeply
so fucking horny yourself now
and push me back on the table
laying me down
and pushing the flower arrangement and other things off onto the floor
with a crash
you kneel on the chair
and spread my thighs wide
my cunt is wet
and needy
and you are going to feast on it
right here at the table on which we eat every night
Your fingers tease and start to fuck me
deeply, curving to hit my magic spot
that makes me go wild for you
I’m moaning and looking down
as you bury your face in my pussy
your tongue and fingers
working me over and making me moan and writhe for you
You tell me that you cannot believe
how I am acting today
so needy
I am being such a slut
and you are going to treat me as such
and give me what I need and deserve!


I move my hips against your face
not being shy with you at all
wanting your tongue deep
and grinding my hips to get more inside
your finger slides into my tight asshole
and you use my wetness to make it soft and ready for the
upcoming invasion of your thick hard cock
It is not long before I start to cum hard, and as your tongue
curves and fucks my g-spot
i uncontrollably squirt on your face, wetting you thoroughly
this surprises us both!

But now I am more needy than ever!
once i recover
you tell me
get on all fours slut
i say
and then
you want me on this table?
right there
and i submit
getting on all fours and spreading my shaky knees apart
you climb up on the table
and put your aching cock into my cunt that is still dripping my cum down my thighs
I moan loudly
as you shove your fat throbbing dick
deep inside
grabbing my hips
fucking me thoroughly
I hear you moaning
and telling me how good my pussy feels around him


my cum
dripping all over him as you fuck me hard, fast and deep
the way a needy slut needs to be fucked!
You slide your hands under my body and hold my tits
as you slam into me over and over
playing with my nipples making me moan more and buck my hips against you
then i scream to you that I am going to fucking cum baby
and you slide a hand down to my clit and torment it
until I cum HARD and intensely all over your cock
you fight not to cum inside of me, as my pussy muscles contract and release
over and over
harder and squeezing him so good
My hips are still moving against you
as you slide out slowly
i moan in disappointment
as your head slips out


Oh baby
You take your cock
dripping with my cum
translucent creamy wetness
running down onto your balls as well
you rub your cock head over my asshole
teasing it
teasing me
making me tell you what I want
oooooooo yes baby
fuck my ass
fuck me there
i run my hand up and down your slick shaft and position him
myself onto my asshole
you push inside
deeper and deeper each time
until you are up to your balls in my ass
I’m moaning and rubbing my own clit
you cannot believe that I am still needing more
insatiable slut…that is what you tell me
which drives me even more wild for you
i move my hips back
rhythmically with your thrusts
that are getting deeper
and harder
as my ass gets used to your length and size
you are moaning
and caressing my ass
kissing my neck and back
running your hands over my body
and soon baby
i feel your cock throbbing
your thrusts
deep and hard
faster and faster
your hand moving mine from my clit
taking over and rubbing it hard and fast
then thrusting your fingers in and out of me
I’m gonna fucking cum


you moan and i hear you grunt as you empty your
hot load into my asss, as I cum all over your fingers
yessssssssssss baby
you slide out of my ass
your cock still pulsing but softening slowly
I turn over onto my back and
pull you down on top of me
sliding my hands around your neck
kisssssssing you deeply
telling you……….
let’s move this to the bedroom
so you can rest a bit
you’ll need your strength
im not finished with you yet.

as you rest on top of me
recovering from your orgasm
feeling so sleepy and satisfied
we kiss again and drift off to sleep
as the warm sun envelopes us in her embrace
and we feel complete togetherness.


Looking for a name for this piece

I just finished this new erotic art image – can you help me out with a name, title?
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is this love?

Is this love, My sweet little one?
you wince, your muted scream of pain, as My fingers tease your limits, touch you as pleases Me. Such hard little Toys! their tenderness pleases My grasping greedy fingers.
you want to scream, in your growing arousal, in your exquisite, generous pain. your moan of need signals your ready submission to My touch. A nice round Toy stops your oral expressions of delight, the ball as perfectly round as your breasts.
Our new Toy inhibits your cry from My pleasuring ,your lust is written on your very face. Your breasts, trussed, your red mouth stopped by red, you are my Toy to titillate,…..use, …..enjoy. Hush My sweet. Is this Love we feel?
I whisper my sweet nothings. You gasp as you feel your wetness grow, gather, prepare your inner wanting for My needy pleasures.
I shall have you, My sweet, My Toy. Your nipples are my delicate destructible Toys this eve. Surely this could be Love My sweet.


Watch Me now, sweet love, as I show you My inner needs, My Toys that might fulfill My needs. See with your soft heart My growing desire, as I fantasize that it is male, powerfully deep within Me.
Does the wind of need blow in both directions for you My little innocent? Is male penetration of desire, or do you wish for only my womanly caress.
Place your hand upon My two, and feel the power that instills My rise to glorious peaks of bliss. Feel the Toy as it uses Me, even as it will soon be buried as deep within your fertility.
Feel My large Toy as I pleasure the core of My need, My desires, My hard, randy, wanton greed.
This is not love My little peach, this is but crass fantasy, of debasing sort. Come little one, let us play once again, together, communing with our bodies rising to delight.


Shall I fill your sweet wetness, now that you are mine? Shall I plunder you? Make you my common slut? Yes My friend, you are Mine to use, to fill, to empty of your paltry inhibitions. Our Toy is now implanted. Shall I breed you with spewing maleness, or simply enjoy you with My own hardness, My Own hard Toy of penetration?
Yes, sweet Toy of Mine, you may cum, full of Me, blossoming in moaning submissive need, feeling My Toy buried within your saccharine cunt. I feel your response, your spasms, your gift of ‘O’ to Me.
But sweet slut of Mine, is this Love? Will you need only My Toy within you again, at morning’s light?


Show me sweet one,
show Me sweet new friend, show your new learned talents. Show Us, Me and Him, what you have learned here. Show Him your cumming. Let him hear your moaning, your grunts of spasming delight.
Yes my sweet innocent little slut, show My Man your randy self fucking of your own cunt.
Yes little one, show My Man what you have mastered, that you are now a woman, that you can cum, that you are ready now for the next journey of Love.

By Deni, writer of adult fantasies for Samarel art

Hold my heaven in your hands

Man honding woman, hand between her legs

Lift me up with your passionate heart….bring me to pleasure before we part….touch me in places no one has ever been….let me feel your tongue upon my skin….place your hands between my thighs as you spread my lips….my love will flow with no disguise….massage those spaces with your finger tips as the back of my neck you place a kiss….I give to you my glistening treasure when you fill me up with your pleasure….place your manhood deep inside thrust me hard from behind….back and forth while your fingers glide….feel my bud….make me swell while I ride…so very deep without our pride deeper and deeper inside of me and my mind……moaning in pleasure from such desire my cum in your hand you taste and admire….from beginning to end when we make love… pieces of a puzzle we fit so well…..together forever as lovers we are….we are one and the same no one can tell….

Poetry by ‘Friends and lovers’ | Erotic art Samarel