My turn

Man licking pussy from behind woman, erotic art print on canvas by Samarel

Licking you so deep

Your pleasure is a source of delight and joy for me, but tonight it is My Turn.

It’s late and we are on our way home from an evening out with friends. We had dinner and conversation but I was not interested, I wanted you all for myself. As you drive home, I slide my hand over your thigh just gently resting it there for a moment. You look and me and smile and tell me to be patient, we will be there soon. There?, I think to myself, aren’t we going home? Mmmmmmmm, what do you have in mind for me?

We take an unfamiliar turn and we are driving up a long driveway. As we approach, I see the Inn we always talked about wanting to try. Oh, what a nice surprise. You check us in and we walk up to our room on the second floor. Before you open the door you reach into your pocket for a blindfold to place over my eyes… I am excited! You guide me to sit on the edge of the bed. My senses are already heightened. I can smell the flowers, hear you strike the match and feel the warmth of the candle you just lit. You slowly reach for my lips with your finger and trace them with the edge of your thumb. You give me a gentle kiss, you taste good! As you undress me my excitement increases, I can feel the wetness start. You have me lay down on the bed while you undress so you can look at me. You lay next to me and I try and reach for you, but you push me away, grab my hands and tell me to stop. OK….OK…. tonight you are in control!

As you run your hands up and over my breasts my nipples get hard and are aching for your touch. You pinch my nipple with one hand and your other hand finds its way between my legs. You gently caress me, oh that does feel good….to good………oh no……and I shudder as I cum! “Good” you say…..there is the first one.

Next you spread my legs wide open and make me bend at the knees, “I want to take a look” you say. “What do you see” I ask, “Describe it to me”. “I see your wetness dripping and your clit is now hiding a bit from me” and with that I feel your tongue….sliding up underneath the hood of my clit flicking it up and down. My hips rise trying get you to go deeper. You reach inside of me with your fingers and press upwards as your tongue plays with my clit. Oh that feeling ……. yes……….don’t stop………keep going………..oh that feels so good…. I am so wet, I am going to cum again and this time I moan loudly calling out your name. I can’t catch my breath….that was incredible. You take the blindfold off me now to show me your face. You smile and lick your lips. I know you love the taste of me.

My eyes cannot help but see that hard cock of yours standing straight up. “May I?” I ask, and you tell me “No, you may not” and you grip your cock and begin to stroke it, making me watch you. “Get up” you tell me “And bend over the foot board of the bed, I want to see your ass in the air!” I do as I am told and with my ass in the air you slide your cock into me. You show no mercy and pound my ass hard. I love it hard like that. I love the sound it makes as your hips slap against my ass. You grab me and pull me toward you as you push harder into me….yes….I do like to be fucked that way. You reach around and find my clit and rub it as you thrust your hard cock into me as deep as you can. I can feel every inch of you inside me. You ask………..”Do you want it harder”…….and I tell you “yes” “Fuck me fast and hard”! With that remark you speed up and I push back toward you with every thrust as you continue to pound me. I scream “Oh yes, you are going to make me cum again, harder, harder, faster, don’t stop, oh yes…… my legs tremble as I cum. I feel your cock explode and you grunt and moan with pleasure as your cock contracts with each spurt of your cum. It feels so good to have you cum inside of me. I truly love that.

I crawl into bed exhausted, smile and think to myself ………… My Turn………yes……..My Turn.

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Recap | Adult sex story by Femme de Scorpion

woman craving man's cock, blowjob erotic art image.

cock craving

Recap | Femme de Scorpion | Erotic art by Samarel

He was playful and sweet. Full of smiles and warmth. Knowing her fondness and need for kisses, he gave them. Then he disrobed. His body bared for her. Her eyes could not get enough of him. She stared, wide-eyed and lusting.

She crawled to him, craving his cock. Wanting it inside of her mouth. Grabbing her head, he pulled her to it. Fingers twisting in her hair as her mouth engulfed his hard cock. He bent forward and began to fingerfuck her already wet pussy. She began rocking on his digits, swirling her hips in tight circles. She tried to focus on his wonderfully rigid and throbbing prick, but she was caught up in the growing tingling and strong contractions concentrated inside of her. She could feel how her cunt was crushing his fingers every time he slammed them up into her. She began to shake, shivers weaving their way up her spine. Her lips slid up and down his cock, tremulously clutching at it while her climax was building to a crescendo. She released him at the moment she exploded. Her insides quaking as much as she was outwardly. Unintelligible words spilled from her lips, and her eyes closed, basking in the moment.

His cock was now in strong need. Twitching and pulsing, long and rigid. She climbed onto his lap, his cockhead aimed directly at her messy pussy, and she dropped down. With a loud cry, her cunt swallowed all of his prick. She rode him hard. Grinding and twisting hips lifting and lowering. Her cum-laden pussy lubricated his shaft, aiding in the smooth riding of his engorged cock. Her breath was shallow and coming in short pants as she bounced up and down. She utilized her inner muscles to squeeze and milk him.

Abruptly, he pulled her off of him, instructing her to suck his slippery cock. She squatted in between his legs, one hand cupping his balls and the other teasing her wet pussy. He pushed deep into her mouth, gagging her. Slobber trickled from the corners of her lips and she could taste her own sweet cream on his dick. She sucked and tongued him in a virtual frenzy. All the while she rode her fingers, humping them in rhythm with her oral fucking of his cock. She slurped and slithered her tongue along his swelling cock. Strong suctions stretched and further stimulated his engorged rod. Her plea for him to cum was muffled by the presence of his member in her mouth. And then he erupted. His hips lunged, and he shot his seed into her wanting mouth. She swallowed the blasts of semen. He slouched back in his seat, and her tongue tenderly cleansed his shaft and cockhead.

She smiled. Exhausted, but exhilarated.

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Bus Ride | Erotic story by Alison

Always queues, standing in queues, sitting in queues, we seem to 
spend our lives staring at the back of someone Else head…not nice, 
but at least a distraction… this time waiting for the bus, on my way 
home from the city to the suburbs. Every day, same routine, same 
faces. Nameless faces… I have a story for each one of them. Have 
created a past, present and future for each of them, my buss mates, 
mates that I have never spoken to, never made eye contact with, but 
recognise their clothing their aftershave and perfume and haircuts. 

Like robots in mass production, we step forward as the bus arrives, 
taking our spot in the queue, watching the persons feet in front of us, 
taking our seats, the same seat as yesterday. The leather moulded 
into the shape of your butt…years of sitting in the same spot. 

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! A pair of knees, bare flesh, short skirt in my 
seat… I feel violated!!!! Oh stop being childish, take another seat…. 
Hrruumpphhh……! And sat down opposite this intruder. I didn’t even 
look at her… how dare she… slag… 

Ten minutes into the ride of an hour, something catches the corner of 
my eye, a small movement… I don’t move my head, but move my 
eyes over the top of my page to her legs. She has relaxed and fallen 
asleep, I can tell by the way her body is moving to the rhythm of the 
bus. My concentration totally blown now, I stretch, looking around at 
the same time, nobody is watching her or me for that fact. I settle 
down back to my wordless book, eyes casually watching her tanned 
knees, her smooth skin, shapely ankles and perfectly manicured toes 
peeping thru her sandals. The skirt was pleated and flopping around 
to the rhythm of the bus. 

Her skirt flopped to the side along with her leg, leaving me a bigger 
gap…. Oh my god… no panties? A perfectly shaved pussy? Pink lips… 
my mind was running riot, if I could just open her knees a little wider 
and slip my tongue in there while she slept… taste her wetness, suck 
those lips into my mouth, slide my tongue into her hole, lick her 
deeper… my cock growing in my pants… this picture making me 
horny, my cock rock hard… watching… watching… if I could just… 
ooohhh… please… help…. 

The bus went over a bump and she woke up with a start only to catch 
me staring at her wet pussy… she didn’t close her legs, she kept them 
perfectly still, just staring at me, no emotion what so ever, no 
movement. What is a man to do? Back down? Just as I was mulling 
it over in my head, she lifted her hand and slid her finger into her 
mouth, deep into her mouth and sucked it gently, sliding it out of her 
lips and licking between her fingers. Again I looked around only to see 
the bus was empty behind us and only people up front. The seats 
were high backed, so I could just see the tops of the people’s heads… 

My cock throbbing in my lap once again… shit like this never happens 
to me, my boring mundane life… I carried on watching her; she slid 
her butt closer to the edge of the seat, opening her legs a little wider, 
only a fraction, sliding her skirt a little further up her leg. I could see 
everything, our knees were less than a half metre apart… I wanted to 
slide my face between her legs, suck her lips into my mouth. I wanted 
her to cum over my face, squirt deep inside my mouth, taste her 
juices. I put my hand on my cock, pushing it into my groin, it felt 
good, I grabbed it and squeezed it, she watched me, she was licking 
her lips, it was driving me mad!!!

I had my cock in my hand rubbing it up and down, showing her what 
she was missing, my thick 7” of lust… I could see her nipples growing 
under her blouse; she lifted her left hand and squeezed her nipple, 
closed her eyes briefly and breathed in. her right hand slid up her 
thigh and she opened her legs further… she was watching me… she 
touched her clit with two fingers, opening her lips so I could see her 
honey… her hole, I wanted to lick her even more… she slipped her 
finger inside her pussy, pushing it in deep, in and out, in and …. Then 
she leaned forward and put her finger into my mouth… it was hot and 
wet and sweet… I was gob smacked, but went along with the game… I 
sucked her finger… 

My cock oozing with pre cum, making my pants wet on the outside, 
rubbing it more, squeezing… what am I going to do with this? It hurts, 
but it feels good. My jeans were loose, my cock sticking out the top of 
my jeans, wet, glistening in the daylight, she leaned forward and ran 
her thumb over the head, lightly touching it, just with her thumb, 
rubbing my pre cum between her fingers and the licking them…. 

She lifted one foot onto the chair next to my leg, showing me her cunt, 
her wet cunt, her lips swollen, her clit pushing its way out from its hot 
wet fold… it was a deep red, it was big, I wanted to touch it, wanted to 
slide my finger deep inside her… 

Again she leaned forward, grabbed my head on either side and pulled 
me onto the floor, shoving my face into her pussy…. I had no choice, I 
opened my mouth and slid my tongue deep inside her… I could hear 
her breathing getting heavier, I could feel her clit on my top lip, it was 
throbbing, I wanted to feel it in my mouth, moving my tongue across 
her clit, she shoved her hips deeper into my face, she wasn’t letting 
go, this woman knew what she wanted, she wanted oral sex and she 
wanted it hard! I was sucking her lips deep inside my mouth, my 
tongue inside her hot hole, she was so wet, throbbing, her taste.. was 
so sweet, I wanted more, I wanted to climb inside her, lick her suck 
her… eat her… deeper… she wouldn’t let my head go, I had her whole 
pussy in my mouth, sucking her, not spilling a drop of her juices, her 
legs locked around my head I could feel her legs beginning to shake, I 
opened my mouth over her whole pussy wanting to taste every last 
drop, she started cumming, waves and waves of wetness, more than I 
could hold in my mouth, I swallowed, there was juice everywhere, I 
was licking her thighs, her pussy, inside her cunt, she was delicious! 
Her legs trembling with the force of the orgasm, it carried on for what 
seemed ages, her body shuddering her legs locked around my head… 
slowly she relaxed, her clit sensitive, I carried on licking her until she 
dropped her hands from my head and let me loose… I didn’t want to 
move, gently lapping at the perfect pussy, breathing in her scent…. 

She put her foot down from the chair and forced me to stand in front 
of her, facing the front of the bus, I could see everyone’s head. I 
could see the bus drivers eyes in the rear view mirror… standing there 
holding onto the bar above my head, she unzipped my cock and with 
no fucking around, swallowed me deep into her throat, her lips up 
against my tummy, my balls on her chin…. 

Holy crap… ever tried to enjoy a deep throat with a straight face…. 
Standing? A first time for everything I guess…. She moved her head 
up and down my shaft, I could feel my cock going down deep into her 
body, well so it felt, she pulled me out and sucked my balls, both in 
her mouth at the same time… she gave oral like she liked to receive 
it… hard and fast…. Her hand sliding up and down my thick rod, 
sucking my balls and slipping my cock back down her throat, I couldn’t 
handle this for much longer… I would love to take my time, but the 
possibility of getting caught, someone getting on at the next stop, the 
excitement of being found out was too much to handle…. She sucked 
harder, more spit, her tongue on my shaft, on my balls… the bus 
started slowing for the next stop, somebody stood up in front of me 
and walked towards the front of the bus…. My legs almost gave way as 
I came… deep down her throat, squirting wads of cum… the feeling 
was awesome, the she kept me in her mouth until I couldn’t stand 
anymore… my legs gave way beneath me and I collapsed in the seat. 

She looked at me, winked and got off the bus…. That was the end of 
that. I had missed my stop. Composing myself, walking towards the 
front of the bus, the driver said…’enjoy your ride?’ with a smile on his 
face… did he know or am I just looking a bit guilty? ‘thanks, see ya 
tomorrow’ walking home the guilt started flooding over me… a happily 
married man… I opened the front door to my home and heard voices 
coming from the kitchen, dumped my bag, trying to hide the wet spot 
on my jeans with my jersey, walking towards the kitchen, my wife said 
to me… ‘mark, I would like you to meet my friend from way back… she 
was just telling me the most amazing story of a bus ride she had…’