Seductive foreplay
The warmth of your hands caressing my body

makes my heart beat faster …

The way you touch me with your gentle, yet firm way
takes my breath away …

Longing for your fingers to explore my wetness
slowly removing my black silk panties

I look deep into your eyes and fall in love with you all over again

Take me, lay me down, bend me over … make love to me now ~

Undying love for poetry | Samarel erotic art

Behind that velvet strip | Erotic fantasy by Lisa | Samarel art

Behind that velvet strip | Erotic fantasy | Samarel art

Break Me by Lisa

Do you ever wonder what I see
When my eyes are covered over
By that soft strip of black velvet
Wrapped over my ears
And tied in a bow behind my head
Muffling the already quiet sound of you pacing the room
Do you know how it feels
To be exposed to you
Of my own will
At your own request
Giving myself to you
My eternal submission
The one gift you’ve yet been denied
Do I know if your in the room?
I can’t see you
And the only thing I can hear
Is the faint buzzing
From the back massager
Placed on the cotton mattress
Between my thighs
Plastic vibrating on skin
Tantalizingly close
To an area I wish it was touching
I know I could get it right into position
Take me to wherever I need to go
When tension
Finally gives way to release
I would just have to pull a little on the restraints
Tethering my wrists and ankles
To the four poster bed
Just tense my body
That’s all I’d have to do
Maybe, just maybe
Your not in the room
Watching me trapped
In a choice between patience
And pure indulgence.
But maybe you are
Maybe this is a trick
What’s to stop you from moving it a little further away
Taking away my chance
To prove that I’m in control
Because I am in control
Aren’t I?
My face is a calm emotionless mask
Surely that proves that I’m in control
Doesn’t it?
So why is my heart rate increasing?
Why are the muscles in my inner thighs quivering?
Why the sudden sharp intake of air
As a mouth closes over a nipple
Rolling it between lips, tongue and an ice cube
Which trails all over my chest
Before being left to melt on my stomach
It’s cool liquid finding its way downwards
Towards warmth
For a moment
My face becomes a mask of conflicting emotions
Which you see me struggle to control
How long will it take before you break me?
Minutes. Hours. Days. Weeks?
Only you know the answer.
And as you ponder that thought
You will never know what I see
Behind that velvet strip
Samarel erotic art and adult fantasies

The sensual erotic bedroom

The sensual erotic bedroom

Will you let me paint your bedroom wall with love?
You may choose between a wall covered with my art and this sensual love quote by Aristotle – or have the art only..
Or the quote by itself, designed to fit your wall.
Either way…talk to me. I’m here to make your bedroom a sensual temple of love. YOUR love ~

Kink Hug – frammed


One of my biggest pleasures is knowing my art is being appreciated well and treated kindly (:

This is my most popular piece called “Kink Hug”, after getting printed (small size this time) and wrapped with a massive frame. My client sent me this picture after she ordered the canvas print and got it from me rolled in a protective cylinder.

Thank you, dear “client”, you know who you are and how precious you are to me !