Burning desire

Woman giving blowjob erotic art image

Upside Down Blowjob

There is a burning desire in me. I know that it is a wanting………a wanting of control over you. I love to have that control over your pleasure. It is not that I will deny you pleasure, I just want to be the one that gives it to you. I want to hear you plead with me. I want to hear you beg me. I want to hear your breath escape your lips as I bring you to the edge, telling me you are ready to cum. I love to hear you say…..” I am going to cum…..don’t stop………yes………I am going to cum………yes ……oh God” This desire in me fills my mind with the thought of having you under my spell. I want to feel your cock in my hands……..pulsing and throbbing as I massage you. I can tell as your breath quickens and your hips rise and as that glistening drop appears in your cock slit that I am pleasing you. I know that you are close to cumming. It makes me so wet to just think of doing this to you. How long can I keep you on this edge? Can I prolong this pleasure for you? Oh…..you know I can. I know the moment that your cock head expands that you are close to cumming so I back off just a little…as I tell you to hold it……..hold it…..and you do as I say. Your cock gets so red ………. almost purple with the pleasure of my massage. Oh, how I love that look. My favorite thing is to stick the tip of my tongue into your cock slit…..and suck every drop of your precum. It is so yummy and I love the feeling of it on my tongue. I like to squeeze the precum from your hard cock and rub in on my nipples. You do know that my nipples are connected to my clit and it can make me cum when I do that. The thought of you sucking my nipples slippery with your precum is such a turn on for me. Oh…….I do want you to cum for me……..I want to feel it…to see it….to taste it!
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Cum for me?


You are naked and sitting in the easy chair waiting for me. Your eyes follow me as I enter the room and I kneel at your feet. I am only wearing black panties. I start by gently kissing your inner thighs as I slowly work my way to your smooth balls. I like you freshly shaved! I take my lips and slip your semi hard cock into my mouth rolling my tongue around and around until you are stiff. As I hold your cock in my mouth I catch the sight of you from the corner of my eye. I love to watch you watch me, it is such a turn-on. I pull back and look at you and what I have done. I love to look at your rigid cock and swollen head. Mmmmmm, that makes me so horny. I hold your cock in my hands and I run my tongue from the base to the tip. As my lips envelop you again I can feel my clit tingle and my body shudder with each stroke I take of you with my mouth. A moan escapes my lips as I am sucking you. I love that hard smoothness of your cock running over my tongue. I flatten out my tongue a bit so it can run over as much of your cock as possible. You can feel it curl around your cock head just as I get to the tip. I do this again and again until your hips start to rise each time I work my lips down your cock. You tell me to suck you harder and faster. I hear your breath quicken and then you moan with pleasure…..you want to cum. I put my hands on your hips and try to stop you from moving and cumming too soon…..you know how I love to keep you on the edge. You reach for me and pinch my hard nipples because you know what that does to me. I feel my wetness as I slip my hand in my panties to stroke my clit…it feels too good. As I slide my lips up and down your hard cock I can taste your precum, it is so sweet! I want to taste all of you and as my tongue reaches the base I feel your cock start to expand and contract……..oh yes Cum for Me! As your cock rhythmically erupts your body trembles and a loud moan fills the room. I bring my lips to the tip I swirl my tongue over your spurting Cum and suck out every last sweet drop of you………..oh how I love you to Cum for Me

You know me so well……….there is something about the way you touch me that makes me cum so hard.

I look into your eyes as I lay on the couch. I am spread out for you……for you do to as you please with me. I have a few candles burning and the flickering of the light makes my skin glow in the darkness. You start by caressing every inch of my naked body. Your fingers trace my face…….down to my chin, across my breasts stopping at my nipples and circling them ever so lightly. That slight touch makes them hard. You work you way down to my stomach never stopping until you reach my toes……you are such a tease.

I know you love to see all of me…….so I spread my legs for you and to encourage you to explore me further. You take both hands and spread me open and you find my wetness glistening around my clit. As you pull the hood of my clit back you take a deep breath to smell my sent. That smell of me makes your cock rock hard. As you hold me open with one hand your other hand reaches for my clit. You take it in between your thumb and forefinger and slide it up and down just rolling it slightly between your fingers. Oh, you know that can make me cum in the matter of minutes so you stop. You reach for your cock and stroke it for me knowing that it makes me even wetter when I watch you do that. I can see that you enjoy teasing me by showing me your cock but not letting me touch you.

You bury your face between my legs licking my clit from side to side. Your tongue makes circles around my clit as you suck it. You take me to the edge of cumming. I am trying to reach for your hard cock but you push my hands away and you tell me…..its your turn……….just lay back and let go. When I close my eyes your touch is so intense. You slip your tongue over my nipples and nibble just a little…….ouch!………but oh!……do that again! As you suck my hard nipples your fingers roll my clit back and forth with a crescendo………..building and building…Oh yes……..I moan……..my back arches and my body shudders as I cum.

Oh, I cum so hard because you known me so well, you know how to touch me.

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Oh god, it feels so good…



You are sitting on the bed and I stand naked before you knowing that you are watching every move I make. I take some massage oil and drip it slowly across my breasts, it drips down my stomach and in-between my legs. My hands reach across my nipples and down as I reach in with my fingers and caress myself I say…………. Oh God…..it feels so good.

You stand up before me and I notice the bulge in your pants……I reach for you and you quickly undress. You grab me and pull me close to you and we kiss deeply as your fingers probe me to find my slippery wetness. I push you away from me and there is a look on your face that tells me you want more, but you are just going to have to wait. I take more of the oil and drip it slowly on your ready and hard cock…..it drips down to your shaven balls, how I love to make them shinny. My hand travels across your cock and over your stomach as I tease you just a little. I reach for your cock and hold it in my fist and slowly slide it up and down…….the entire length from your balls to the tip. It swells even more under my firm grip. How I love to watch your cock do that. It makes me so wet and I can feel my clit grow and tingle with every stroke I take of your beautiful cock. You try to reach for me but I want to keep my attention on you. I kneel between your legs and reach underneath you with one hand and dig my fingers into your ass as my other hand slowly strokes your oiled cock. Your hips rise….maybe because it hurts just a little……or maybe you want me to work your cock a little faster. Oh God, you say……….it feels so good.

As I bring you closer and closer to cumming you once again reach for me. I let your fingers once again explore me. You take your finger and make circles around and around my clit. As you grab it between your fingers and slowly roll it back and forth my back arches and my hips thrust forward. I am finding it hard to hold back the waves of ecstasy. You turn to my clit and find it with your tongue taking it between your lips and sucking on it while you flick your tongue up and down. I can’t hold back any longer and my breath quickens my body quivers and I cum for you. A deep moan escapes my lips……………Oh God……….it feels so good.

My attention once again turns to your cock. You know how I love to watch you cum. Taking you in my oiled hands I slide my hands up and down and watch as the head of your cock grows just a little more. The edge flares out as I rub more oil on the underside of your cock head with my fingers. I see that glistening moisture appear from your slit…….I take my tongue and taste you…..Mmmmmmmm so sweet! I can actually feel your cock throbbing in my hands as you get close to cumming. I feel your need to cum. I feel you wanting it, wanting it now but I make you wait a little longer. I ask you…….do you want to cum? How bad to you want to cum? Shall I let you cum? You beg me………..beg me to let you cum…………..Oh, I shall let you cum .. but when?

Oh God………. you whisper…………it feels so good.

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I want to take you all in

woman giving oral sex. art of blowjob

Come to me,
Lay with me,
I want to take you all in,
Steal your air,
Smell your skin,
Tempt in silent darkness,
Skim the rims
Of my cavern,
Detect for what I protect,
As you dare to explore for
And if you wish for entry,
It will be granted,
I resist no more,
The locks to my door grow weak.

Erotic poetry by fallen angel | sexy art by Samarel