Sama Sutra Art and Poetry

Couple sitting naked in bed from the Sama Sutra love book

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“Talk to me
While we are loving
Think about what we say
Not what we’re doing”

His eyes look into mine
As we discuss where to dine
His face shows strain
But he says he fine

I smile and kiss him
When his face starts to cloud
When the minute hand moves
I count out loud

“Tell me a story?”
I suggest to help out
His eyes focus again
Then starts a story to spin

He tries his story to finish
But I see his will diminish
His face looks so tense
As his member gets dense

I clench my bunny
I feel him buck
I move a bit
He gasps for luck

I groan as I stare
I still try to bear
My need for release
Our time to increase

He groans “Can’t do no more”
As his shaft jams my bore
He explodes in my core
I think he swore.

Poetry and erotic art from the Sama Sutra love guide
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Octopus Love

Sensual embrace, couple erotic art
My nails dig into you, wanting you ….craving you
I bite and lick you from head to toe … aching for this moment
My legs wrap around your body ….grinding you intensely
My head rocks back and forth …moaning this ecstasy

My mouth … feverishly taking you in
sucking, licking and massaging you …
you tangle my hair in your hands
pulling me in for more …. deeply taking you
as far as you can go

Our hearts are pounding
sweat is dripping
the taste of you excites me
let go baby … release into me
I beg

My long blonde hair twisting in your hand
demanding I get on all fours
your palm glides down the middle of my back
firmly finding my hips to hold
thrusting inside of me
hard hard and harder … thrusting 

As I straddle you
fulfilling myself onto you
nails digging into your chest
as you caress my breast
pinching my nipples as you thrust again
and again ….

I collapse on top of you
blonde curls soaked with sweat
scent of sex fills the room
your eyes look deeply into mine
still moving into me … gently

you pull my face towards you
deep passionate kisses
finding your way to my neck… you bite, gently
digging your nails into me
as you release and come inside me ~

Undying Love for Poetry ~ Samarel Erotic Art

Sex at the 23 Floor

Fucking a woman from behind
Fingers touch
Lips just a breath away
Feeling your heartbeat against my breast

Hips begin to swerve side to side
Wetness build … drips to my thighs

Like a dance, you twirled me around
bent me over
and then …

That moment you entered me from behind… gently
Oh so hard, throbbing… thrusting

Strong hands on my hips, bringing me closer, deeper into you
pounding each other, sweat beads off… dripping to the floor

I release, can’t hold it anymore … I come

………………. just then the elevator door opens…

You took me to ecstasy from the parking lot floor
up and away to the 23rd floor!


Adult fantasies | The art of making love – by Samarel

I want to feel you

I want to feel you


I want to feel something real
I want to taste your lips
I want to drink and fill of you
and smell your perfume of you.

I want to feel you tremble
I want to feel you quake
I want to hear you cry my name
When the bedpost starts to shake.

I want to make you burn for me
I want to feel your hunger grow
I want to make you ache for me
Whenever you are all alone.

I want to pin you to the bed
I want to drive you wild
I want to dive deep inside
and ride you through the night.

Fallen Angel

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