Oral sex on the table -New erotic art print

couple having oral sex on the table erotic art print

Oral sex on the table

Oral sex on the table – erotic digital art

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Cum for me?


You are naked and sitting in the easy chair waiting for me. Your eyes follow me as I enter the room and I kneel at your feet. I am only wearing black panties. I start by gently kissing your inner thighs as I slowly work my way to your smooth balls. I like you freshly shaved! I take my lips and slip your semi hard cock into my mouth rolling my tongue around and around until you are stiff. As I hold your cock in my mouth I catch the sight of you from the corner of my eye. I love to watch you watch me, it is such a turn-on. I pull back and look at you and what I have done. I love to look at your rigid cock and swollen head. Mmmmmm, that makes me so horny. I hold your cock in my hands and I run my tongue from the base to the tip. As my lips envelop you again I can feel my clit tingle and my body shudder with each stroke I take of you with my mouth. A moan escapes my lips as I am sucking you. I love that hard smoothness of your cock running over my tongue. I flatten out my tongue a bit so it can run over as much of your cock as possible. You can feel it curl around your cock head just as I get to the tip. I do this again and again until your hips start to rise each time I work my lips down your cock. You tell me to suck you harder and faster. I hear your breath quicken and then you moan with pleasure…..you want to cum. I put my hands on your hips and try to stop you from moving and cumming too soon…..you know how I love to keep you on the edge. You reach for me and pinch my hard nipples because you know what that does to me. I feel my wetness as I slip my hand in my panties to stroke my clit…it feels too good. As I slide my lips up and down your hard cock I can taste your precum, it is so sweet! I want to taste all of you and as my tongue reaches the base I feel your cock start to expand and contract……..oh yes Cum for Me! As your cock rhythmically erupts your body trembles and a loud moan fills the room. I bring my lips to the tip I swirl my tongue over your spurting Cum and suck out every last sweet drop of you………..oh how I love you to Cum for Me

You know me so well……….there is something about the way you touch me that makes me cum so hard.

I look into your eyes as I lay on the couch. I am spread out for you……for you do to as you please with me. I have a few candles burning and the flickering of the light makes my skin glow in the darkness. You start by caressing every inch of my naked body. Your fingers trace my face…….down to my chin, across my breasts stopping at my nipples and circling them ever so lightly. That slight touch makes them hard. You work you way down to my stomach never stopping until you reach my toes……you are such a tease.

I know you love to see all of me…….so I spread my legs for you and to encourage you to explore me further. You take both hands and spread me open and you find my wetness glistening around my clit. As you pull the hood of my clit back you take a deep breath to smell my sent. That smell of me makes your cock rock hard. As you hold me open with one hand your other hand reaches for my clit. You take it in between your thumb and forefinger and slide it up and down just rolling it slightly between your fingers. Oh, you know that can make me cum in the matter of minutes so you stop. You reach for your cock and stroke it for me knowing that it makes me even wetter when I watch you do that. I can see that you enjoy teasing me by showing me your cock but not letting me touch you.

You bury your face between my legs licking my clit from side to side. Your tongue makes circles around my clit as you suck it. You take me to the edge of cumming. I am trying to reach for your hard cock but you push my hands away and you tell me…..its your turn……….just lay back and let go. When I close my eyes your touch is so intense. You slip your tongue over my nipples and nibble just a little…….ouch!………but oh!……do that again! As you suck my hard nipples your fingers roll my clit back and forth with a crescendo………..building and building…Oh yes……..I moan……..my back arches and my body shudders as I cum.

Oh, I cum so hard because you known me so well, you know how to touch me.

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Guided Masturbation

Mutral masturbation couple in bed, erotic art image

If you cum quickly, well, there’s not much left to enjoy. So why not try a little denial under Guided Masturbation.

A tease and denial session opens the gates into a new place, a place called “edging”. Guiding you to that place on the edge, the brink of orgasm, where you will be near the orgasmic abyss held in the moment, a state of perfect ecstasy, is what I love to do………it gives me such pleasure to be the one to bring you to those moments.

You will be harder than you ever thought possible. Imagine the hardest erection that you have ever had and now imagine stoking it for hours and not cumming…only watching that glistening precum oozing from your cock…just a little drip and a time and knowing I am watching you and knowing that I am getting wet with excitement. I may let you take a little taste of me if you do as I say.

I would ask that you grab your cock by the base with one hand holding it up and stroke it with your other hand while I watch you and talk you through each stroke. You need plenty of lube and do what is called the upward squeeze stroking method. Keep holding your cock up at the base for me and stroke with your other hand……….make sure it is nice and lubricated. You must squeeze it as you stroke up. Keep on doing that, squeeze tightly as you stroke up. Make sure you move your hand up all the way over the top of the head…….do this over and over…..just to the edge ……. stopping only if you must.

If you varying the pressure of the grip it is possible to extend the period before cumming by squeezing harder. Try and do this for 30 minuets without cumming……only precum is allowed. You then may take a short break and then start again.

You will shoot load after load of gushing sweet cum when you are allowed. I mean truly explosive eruptions that just seem to go on and on, spasm after glorious spasm dripping down your hard cock as your mind only thinks of your cum……and knowing that I am watching every moment. I know this sounds impossible but I know I could make you cum so powerfully ……….. but ……….. only ………. when I grant you the permission to do so.

I would love to drive you to new heights of unfathomable orgasmic pleasure.


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Can you feel it?


Can you feel it
Saturday is our day to rest
you place your cock
between my breasts
with your tongue
you circle my nipples
pinch them
squeeze them
hard and supple
Massage my body
you begin to toil
your hands
your fingers
covered with oil
My stomach
my legs
between my thighs
these sensational
I cannot deny
One finger
two fingers
inside and out
all around
and about
You spread my legs
you part my lips
you gently explore
with your finger tips
You begin your magic
with your tongue
licking and sucking
I become undone
inside your mouth
my juices flow
my bud starts
to sprout
Dripping liquids
from skin to skin
your cock is hard
I want you in
You lift me up
you pull me close
I wrap my legs
your favorite pose
You thrust me once
you thrust again
I scream your name
I hold you in
Deep inside
my heaven glistening
these sounds we make
only we are listening
I shake
I shiver
my lips quiver
our bodies one
we cum together

Erotic art of making love, on canvas prints