As you sleep

Naked man laying in bed, erotic art image

From a distance I watch as you sleep I stand in awe of what I see, knowing how much I want you near, I feel the need to touch there.

Your body is firm your legs are toned your cheeks so sweet, “oh yes” just a bite I would take to eat.

My hands are sweaty as I gaze upon you, I’m getting restless to do the things that I do, to make you feel pleasure and happiness too.

While you lay there sleeping in my bed, I am kissing you all over in my head instead. I want to reach you. I want to teach you, but my only hope now, is just to meet you.

I have never seen someone, a man, like you, behind closed doors there’s nothing I could do. I would sing you a song or hum you a tune, just to make love to you all afternoon

For now I can only watch from afar, and imagine me touching you in places and spaces so very bazaar. I would show you how and take you there, with your tongue and my lips…….oh I wouldn’t dare…….or would I?

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Your hardness, is my command

Your hardness an unspoken invitation for my tongue and mouth
Crawling ever closer, wicked streaks of excitement thrilling my body
Inhaling deeply and taking in the unmistakable scent of your lust
A lick of the satiny smooth head ignites my craving to feed from you.

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Touch me here…


Can you have ALL of me?

I bent him for you…lift him up?


I think he’s looking at me…

He IS !

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